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Weather in Cabo Roig Spain, well folks as I live in Cabo Roig, I can only tell you what the weather is like today. So to provide you with the information you are looking for I shall have to go to one of the top weather websites. As there is no weather observation station in the area (as far as I know) the nearest weather forecast is for Alicante.

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Today's Cabo Roig Weather and Forecast (7 Day/10 Day/14 Day)

Cabo Roig Weather: Considering the fact that I live in Cabo Roig, I think my opinion counts for something (not sure the wife would agree!), and in my opinion the most accurate of these weather forecasts for the Cabo Roig area is the Murcia forecast (the one on the right). Now and again the weather in Cabo Roig is nothing like either of these but that is not often and these forecasts are pretty reliable.

Cabo Roig 10 Day Weather: Obviously the weather displayed above is the weather right now as you are reading this, and that is probably not what you want. If you are coming here for a holiday you will probably want to know the Cabo Roig weather for the next week or for the next 2 weeks, well for some strange reason most of the weather websites give a forecast for the next 10 days and to access this you will need to follow the 10 Day link provided (+info on the module). If you clicked there you would have got a ten day weather forecast for Cabo Roig (or rather Murcia). Lower down the page I will give you a link so you can view the weather in Cabo Roig for the next two weeks.

Now you Brits maybe don't trust an American company to provide you with your weather, but I'm sure you will put your faith in the BBC, so I'm putting in a link to the BBC weather page for Torrevieja, which is just a couple of miles up the road from Cabo Roig. Now I'm not sure if there is a weather station in Torrevieja but the weather displayed is different from that shown for either Alicante or Murcia, so maybe there is. On this page you can find today's weather for Cabo Roig and the weather for the next 5 days:

BBC Weather for Cabo Roig this week: CLICK HERE

If you are visiting for a fortnight which of course many of you do then you might be interested to visit a different website on which you can check the weather in Cabo Roig for the next 2 weeks. If thats what you need click on the link below:

Cabo Roig Weather for Next 2 Weeks (14 Days): CLICK HERE

If you are planning a holiday in Cabo Roig, you might just want an overview of the yearly weather conditions ie: what is the best time to visit Cabo Roig? Well I can tell you that you will be pretty safe any time between May and October as these are definately the best months, weather wise. Sometimes there is rain during both May and June but this is usually isolated and not for extended periods. You may also experience thunderstorms in late August and early September, but again these will probably blow over in a few hours and then it will be fine again. My top 3 months to avoid visiting Cabo Roig would be February, March and November. For a winter break in Cabo Roig I would suggest December or January as both months are usually fine and sunny (though chilly in the evenings).