Cabo Roig Spain a Beautiful Resort

Map of Cabo Roig Spain - Find Local Streets and Roads

Clear Map of Cabo Roig Spain: I have included a Google map showing Cabo Roig as it enables you to navigate around the area, zoom in and out to find specific streets in Cabo Roig, and it is pretty easy to use. Lower down the page is a local map which might well be a bit out of date now but gives you a pretty good view of the area, and also shows the beaches.

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Local Cabo Roig Maps

Above is a Cabo Roig map provided by Google which gives a pretty clear view of the area showing the main access roads (both the N-332 and the motorway - the AP7). The beauty of this map is that you can view it in satellite mode as well which will enable you to spot beaches and stuff and also give you a better idea of what the area actually looks like. The Terrain option is not much use, but you will be able to use the Google Earth view of Cabo Roig if you have the Google Earth plugin downloaded to your computer.

Cabo Roig Street View: Probably the most useful feature is the Google street view which means that you can pop yourself onto any Cabo Roig street you want to look at and navigate your way along, perfect for finding your required destination ie: holiday property, restaurant, bar or other local facility.

How to Use Google Street View: Now many of you may not know how to access Google Street View so I will help you here if I can. You can not actually get the street view on an embedded map so you need to visit Google's own page to see this. You can simply do that by clicking on the "View Larger Map" link (underlined in blue) at the bottom left of the map above. This will open a new page and on this map you will see a circular control, under this is a little yellow man (pegman), left click and hold this yellow man and drag him over the map, streets that you can view will turn blue, pop him onto the street you want to see and hey presto you are there. Use the circular control to turn around etc and click up the road to move along, to get out of this hit the minus button (-).

All of this relates to the map above, the one below doesn't do anything as it is just a picture, but is provided by the local town hall and probably somewhat out of date, but as soon as I get an up to date one I will replace it.

Map of Cabo Roig Spain - Local Cabo Roig Map

Cabo Roig Map: The above map is pretty basic but it does clearly show the areas of Aguamarina, La Regia and La Zenia, it also shows the La Amapolas IV (4) and San Jose IV (4) urbanizations which you may well be looking for if you are staying there. The map also clearly shows the location of the 2 main beaches at Cala Caleta and Cala Capitan, plus the La Zenia Hotel and the Cabo Roig Tower (Torre de Cabo Roig). Handily for us it also shows Calle Agua (near the number 5) which is the road you need to access Aldeas de Aguamarina I, where our holiday properties are situated.

Well I hope these maps of Cabo Roig are what you were looking for and that you can now more easily find your way around the resort when you get here.

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